Welcome to Bathsheba Foundation : The Corporation is organized for charitable and educational purposes that are driven to provide assistance to the impoverished and needy in Africa and other areas of the world where there are circumstances such as natural disasters.
Presidents Message:

My journey started when I visited Africa. On my arrival in Dakar, I was taken around the rural areas of the country, to my dismay they were men and women who were suffering and in pain, pain that would require the attention of a physician but of course they could not afford one. The cries for help were unbearable to the point that I was inconsolable and fountain of tears prevailed.

I remembered one gentleman came up to me and ask for a pain reliever, I cloak in tears, seemingly futile to the needs of the villagers. I got weaker and weaker as I continued because each case would be worse than the last, it seems like the smaller villages were affected with more cases of malnutrition, children teeth were so badly damaged from lack of clean water, children limbs were missing from birth defect or injuries sustained by young mothers, boys and girls from a small age of 8 or 9 were on the street begging just so that the family could have a meal for the night.

Coming from America where we have everything readily available to us, the lump in my throat was suffocating. When I got back home to America I vowed that I would do everything in my power to assist the needed and impoverished. When a need is met for someone anywhere in world that experience difficulties in acquiring the basic need to survival, I am pleased knowing that someone life is affected in a positive way. My duty is to make a difference.

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